A personality second to none!

Your Name 

Danny Borloglou

Your age?


Where were you born? 

Columbus Ohio

What are you passionate about? 

I love making people happy .

Knowing that this is a project designed to tell your story, What moments in our life stand out as life-changing? 

Heart Attack ! Made it to Heaven but they sent me back .

If you knew then what you know now... What advise or wisdom would you pass on to the younger generations so that they may focus on what you found to be really important as they grow older? 

Don’t ever smoke take care of yourself, stay positive and laugh a lot.

What is one of the things you like most about living in the Cincinnati area? 

All the major league sports , great restaurants

What would you do to help make Cincinnati a better place? 

Take care of the homeless people and get them off the streets .