A Passion for Pictures

Your Name 

Steve Frank

Your age?


Where were you born? 

Covington, Kentucky

What are you passionate about? 

First and foremost growing and protecting the City of my birth which has been home to my family for six generations; Covington, Kentucky. Besides my personal and business commitments, much of my free time has been devoted to local philanthropy, government, education and the renaissance of Covington as a place to live and grow one's business. My wife, Nancy and I have other passionate interests not least of them our two Grandchildren; but as I can, I try to enjoy life to its fullest which to me means being around people and sharing good times. This often includes enjoying a great Borolo or a glass of Kentucky's amber finest.

Are there any moments that stand out as life-changing? 

I'd mention three but each would take too much space to expound upon. The first was my early discovery of the joy of studying Philosophy. I have several profound teachers and thinkers to thank for this life time semi obsession. I can also thank at least four individuals who at early parts of my career must have seen something in me as worth taking a chance on and then not letting them down. The third was my main motivator, the birth of my son Steven. I never really pursed wealth and success in conventional terms until he was born and I knew I had to focus on becoming a provider.

If you knew then what you know now... What advise or wisdom would you pass on to the younger generations so that they may focus on what you found to be really important as they grow older? 

The first and most essential is to never become complacent. Success is never guaranteed and you have to constantly strive to better your skills and build your network of people of all walks of life and that the greatest satisfaction is in being able to give back to those that follow you. One last friendly piece of advice. There is an advantage that comes with youth. You can outwait the bastards. On the other hand, sometimes its better to do an end run and start something new rather than be held back. Take risks. I know I did at least three times in my career where I pushed all in and bet on myself. Wisdom comes from knowing when, like a game of poker; to make your play and knowing when to let the bastards overplay their hand.

What is one of the things you like most about living in the Cincinnati area? *

Covington / Cincinnati is a big small town. It's not too hard to get to know people here and to become involved. Like every small town there is a inside clique that is jealous of new people. On the other hand that clique doesn't really control much of anything anymore. As per the town itself, its a little provincial and self absorbed, filled with self doubt and small thinking. That's why talented, motivated people can make such a difference here. If I had to point out an advantage of living here that we love, it is how much green space and city life that you can find within minutes of about anywhere. My wife, Nancy really appreciates this having grown up just outside New York City.

What would you do to help make Cincinnati a better place? 

Shake up the educational establishment. We've been shortchanging our youth for several generations. Primary education is abysmal in the urban core and secondary education stifling and inadequate for individual success in the 21'st Century about everywhere. The other change I'd make wouldn't cost a dime. Teach kids to be individuals, how think for themselves and to not be conformists.

Any other comments you would like to make?

Fantastic photographs. Everyone I showed your pictures to were bowled away.