For over thirty years Eddie has embraced the soul-gratifying passion of music,
traveling this great country with his band Raven, and his group called Love Passion. This journey showed him that music has the power to bring
people together and change lives in a profound way. These days he’s happy
mentoring others who are nurturing their own love of music.




Place of Birth


What are you passionate about?​

       Music is like fresh air to me

What moments in your life stand out as life-changing? 

When I sit and create beauty to the world

If you knew then what you know now... What advise or wisdom would you pass on to the younger generations

Patient is a virtue and be spontaneous at all times

What is one of the things you like most about living in the Cincinnati area? 

The vibe of the city

What would you do to help make Cincinnati a better place?

To help starving musicians obtain their goals