He is enjoying his 76th year in this world. He is a published poet and has a love and passion for gardening.  Born in Cincinnati and currently lives in the Columbia-Tusculum area.  Bucky is the type of guy that you could sit and listen to for hours.  He has so many stories to tell and his personality is captivating.


What are you passionate about?

In alphabetical order: Donna (my partner,} fine art, gardening, higher consciousness, Oreo the Cat (my housemate,) poetry, and progressive politics (on a global scale.)

What moments stand out as life-changing in your life?

Witnessing childbirth (7 times so far) and a variety of trips, both inward and about the planet.

If you knew then what you know now... What advise or wisdom would you pass on to the younger generations

Leave the city, leave the country, learn about other cultures, contemporary and ancient. There are many many ways to look at life, many ways to find happiness.

What is one of the things you like most about living in the Cincinnati area?

Good balance of the cultural opportunities cities offer and easy access to nature.

What would you do to help make Cincinnati a better place?

I'd start by providing quality housing, quality education, and a universal guaranteed basic income (Andrew Yang style) to all who live here.